Anya’s October 23rd Litter – Will be ready to go home Dec 19th

Puppy 1: Harlequin Male: born at 0933 Eastern, weighing 1 lbs, 8 oz and
Puppy 2: Black Male: white spot on chest and white tips on back paws a little over 1 lb 11 oz at 2:17 pm Eastern
Puppy 3: Harlequin Female (only female in this litter): 1lbs 6 oz at 4:09 pm Eastern
Puppy 4: Merle Male: 1lbs 10 oz at 7:41 pm Eastern
Puppy 5: “Rain” Merle Male: 1lbs 1 oz 9:55 pm Eastern (born in the warm South Florida rains, so no highlight video)
Puppy 6: Black Male with white tips on front paws: 1lbs 4 oz 5:15 am Eastern (Video producer aka: Chad, was asleep)
Puppy 7: Black Male with white stripe on chest: 1lbs 8 oz @ 8:20 am Eastern

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